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Project Activity Very Low Not Available  
Open Hub Data Quality Updated 4 days ago Updated 3 days ago  
Project License MS-PL BSD-4-Clause-UC  
Estimated Cost $595,641 $0  

All Time Statistics

Contributors (All Time)
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1 developer 1 developer  
Commits (All Time)
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56 commits 1 commit  
Initial Commit over 4 years ago over 6 years ago  
Most Recent Commit 12 months ago over 6 years ago  

12 Month Statistics

Contributors (Past 12 Months) 1 developer No Activity  
Commits (Past 12 Months) 1 commit  
Files Modified 1 file  
Lines Added 75 lines  
Lines Removed 50 lines  
Year-Over-Year Commits Decreasing Stable  

30 Day Statistics

Contributors (Past 30 Days) No Activity No Activity  
Commits (Past 30 Days)  
Files Modified  
Lines Added  
Lines Removed  

Code Analysis

Mostly Written In C# No Code Found  
Comments Very Low No Comments Found  
Lines of Code
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46,161 lines 0 lines  


Managers Position not yet claimed Position not yet claimed  
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