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Our goal is to create free software to interface with all available Z-Wave PC controllers, allowing anyone to create applications that manipulate and respond to devices on a Z-Wave network, without requiring in-depth knowledge of the Z-Wave protocol or the purchase of expensive development kits. ... [More] View our homepage at or join our group and discuss the project at [Less]

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Extendable IRC services software that provide unique services, such as: StatServ - To provide IRC statistics on your IRC network, and optionally, publish them to a website. HostServ - For IRCd's that support virtual hosts, HostServ allows a central repository for Setting users virtual hosts when ... [More] they first connect to the IRC network, or login with a username and password. MoraleServ and LoveServ - A few "Fun" modules for irc networks that allow you to send poems and anonymous love letters to the ones you like! ConnectServ - That echos to your "Services" channel information about people connecting to the network and opering up or changing Nicknames. Usefull for catching those abusive users [Less]

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