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ObjectLab Kit

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Business and Financial Day Calculators. The DateCalculator implementation is useful to any business; the other two interfaces are more specific to the financial industry. The most common function of a lot of banking or business applications is the handling of holidays and weekends, a set of ... [More] standard rules are implemented to deal with days falling on a holiday. The library does not attempt to guess the 'holidays', most business will have an official list anyway, but concentrate on the date manipulation and calculations. What does it provide? Implementation of 3 interfaces - DateCalculator for all date calculation and handling of weekends or holidays. The supported algorithms are: Do Nothing, Move Forward, Move Backward, Modified Following and Modified Preceeding. [Less]

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Flatpack file parser

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FlatPack came out of the frustration of having to mix file parsing logic with business logic. FlatPack on SourceForge: a Java (1.5+) flat file parser that handles CSV, fixed length and custom delimiters. The formats are configured in XML, it is fast and released under Apache license 2.0. ... [More] Substrings in a fixed width parse can be daunting to deal with when trying to analyze what existing code is doing, and what about when you have no comments... We also provide delimited file parsing; works with any delimiter / qualifier, multiline records, delimiter or qualifier allowed in column value. [Less]

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