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Adhearsion is an open-source voice application development framework written in Ruby. Adhearsion users write applications atop the framework with native Ruby syntax and a simplified Domain-Specific Language for call management enabling users to call into their code. Adhearsion rests above a ... [More] lower-level telephony platform, namely Asterisk, and provides a framework for integrating with various resources, such as SQL, LDAP and XMPP (Jabber). Adhearsion has... *An elegant dialplan system for writing the code which controls a live phone call *A sophisticated Asterisk Manager Interface library *An events subsystem *A reuseable component architecture *Ability to re-use existing Ruby on Rails database models with ActiveRecord/ActiveLDAP *Easy interactive communication via XMPP instant messages [Less]

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ldap2dns reduces all kind of administration overhead: No more flat file editing, no more zone file editing. After having installed ldap2dns, the administrator only has to modify the data stored in the LDAP directory. Optionally access control can be configured for each zone, GUIs can be more ... [More] easily implemented, and add all other kind of zone and resource record information can be managed without interfering with the DNS server. ldap2dns works with the Horde application Beatnik, which provides a web-based application for managing the DNS records stored in LDAP. [Less]

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Sippy Cup

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Create SIPp load test scenarios the easy way

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