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No more subtitle problems!  
written about 15 years ago

Do you always spend minutes and hours to find the correct subtitles for your movies? It is now over!

SubDownloader is a program that will help you find the correct subtitles for YOUR movies. It uses a fast hash that will check against 's subtitle database (really one of the largest in the world). If someone has reported your movie file to correspond to a particular subtitle, you will be able to directly download it, and it will be renamed to match your movie filename, so that a single click and you can watch your movie with the newly downloaded subtitle...

If no one has yet reported your file to correspond to a subtitle, you can download it from the site and then (if it fits to your file) report it back, so that the movie hash is added to this particular subtitle... Further people with the same file will then see that this subtitle is OK for the file!

You can of course tell the program to only search in your favourite languages, etc.

Great program! And open source of course!

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