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Technical Issue Help : uncodex enlistment failed

Update of the SVN repository fail 19 days ago, and it looks like it's stuck in step 1. I moved the repository from CVS to SVN back then.

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Author elmuerte

Posted almost 5 years ago

Suggestions for Ohloh 2.0 : Variable Counting

That sounds like an ever more useless metric than physical source lines of code.

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Author elmuerte

Posted over 5 years ago

Technical Issue Help : composestar project stuck for 2 months

the enlistments for the composestar project haven't been updated in 2 months.

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Author elmuerte

Posted over 5 years ago

Suggestions for Ohloh 2.0 : All RIghts Reserved License

"all rights reserved" is not Open Source as defined by OSI, and absolutely not Free Software as define by the FSF. I don't know what you mean with an "All Rights Reserved"-License. But if all rights ... [More] are reserved, then people should not look at the code at all, because they are not allowed to do anything with it. [Less]

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Author elmuerte

Posted almost 6 years ago

Suggestions for Ohloh 2.0 : enlistment exclusion pattern

It would be nice if certain parts in a repository could be excluded using a regular expression. For example; Exclude: ^/examples/ ^.*/generated/

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Author elmuerte

Posted about 6 years ago

Feedback Forum : Statistics for Drupal are flawed

Wouldn't it be easier to use some mime magic on the non-binary files to figure out what they are? The unix 'file' utility does a good job in figuring out the file type: file index.php ... [More] includes/ modules/system/system.module Gives index.php: PHP script text includes/ PHP script text modules/system/system.module: PHP script text [Less]

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Author elmuerte

Posted over 7 years ago