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Working in Radakan  
written almost 10 years ago

Disclaimer: I am a developer of Radakan, and I'm merely submitting this review as
telling of my experience with Radakan, as I am completely biased to write an objective review of this game.

It's been about a year now since I applied to Radakan, thinking I'd hone my design and writing skills, already quite confident with what I was capable of. Eager to be part of something I started contributing right away. Naive as I was I set myself deadlines that constantly failed, and started a little something here and a little something there, thinking I'd get back to it "later"...

With the guidance and support of the other members though, I soon found my place in the project, and it proved to be a place for quick growth, and I constantly found myself being given greater responsibilities, for which I felt greatly honoured.

I've been here in the "top" amongst some of these guys for quite some time now. After having had our good share of break-ups and set-backs, I feel like we've finally entered a nice stabile state again, and we've got a nice core group of developers who all know eachother as good friends.

As a hobby, a learning experience and a social networker, this project has given me so much more than I ever did dare expect from it. What was just supposed to be 'spending some time learning more in-depth hobbyist game development alongside some other great developers creating a really unique game', has turned out to be an accomplishment of so many levels; a great deal of which are not yet fulfilled.

I have a lot of plans ahead of me, most of which involve a lot of traveling to foreign countries in different continents. There will be times when contributing to Radakan will be tough, if not completely impossible. But no matter what, until the day we can call Radakan a TRUE ROLE PLAYING GAME without a whisper of *half-done* echoing inside our heads as we utter the words, I will be quick to make sacrifices if that means we'll get that much closer to finishing this truly unique idea of a sandbox game.

If in ~5 years time I've followed the very same dreams that I have today of becoming a video game developer, and I've made it, Radakan will stand as the game that brought me there.

~ Erlend "Sadr" S. Heggen, Project & PR Director of Radakan

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