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Fanstatic is a small but powerful framework for the automatic publication of resources on a web page. Think Javascript and CSS. It just serves static content, but it does it really well. Can you use it in your project? If you use Python, yes: Fanstatic is web-framework agnostic, and will work ... [More] with any web framework that supports WSGI. Fanstatic is issued under the BSD license. Why would you need something like Fanstatic? Can’t you just add your static resources to some statically served directory and forget about them? For small projects this is certainly sufficient. But so much more is possible and useful in this modern Javascript-heavy world. Fanstatic is able to offer a lot of powerful features for projects both small and large. [Less]

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Object-View-Element Javascript model/view framework.

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Python web microframework with superpowers

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Reg Generic Functions for Python

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Clever registries and lookups

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