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Udev Discover

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Sysfs browsing tool focused on helping udev users and developers. Main features: * Browsing the sysfs tree via udev * Reports udev device info and properties * Filter and search devices * Monitorize udev device events Udev discover aims for being a gnome-device-manager-like app using gudev ... [More] instead of HAL, and to provide some fancy features for udev users and hackers. [Less]

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WiiCan assists on configuration and management of your wiimote under GNU/Linux. It tracks bluetooth connectivity and allows to use and create mappings to adapt your wiimote for use on any application. Actually WiiCan it’s a sytem tray icon, programmed in python. It connects to bluez and hal via ... [More] dbus for tracking the available bluetooth devices and wiimote connection status. On backend it’s wminput , the cwiid event driver for wiimote. WiiCan uses wminput and wminput configuration files for define and use mappers. Features: Discover if it’s an available bluetooth device for connect wiimote Display a list of available keyboard-mouse-wiimote mappings User-defined mappings creation assistant Mappings manager [Less]

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A plugin-able slave-master application for managing a computer classroom CommieCC (stands for Commie Classroom Control) helps to manage the common tasks on a computer classroom: discover computers, lock/unlock screen, reboot and halt. It provides a GUI for managing the computers and has a ... [More] plugin-driven architecture so the actions can be easily extended. [Less]

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