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lwIP is an implementation of the TCP/IP protocol suite focused on reducing resource usage while still having a full scale TCP/IP. lwIP is suitable for embedded systems with ~10KB of free RAM and ~40KB of code ROM. lwIP features: - IPv4, IPv6, ICMP, IGMP, TCP, UDP - Specialized raw API for ... [More] enhanced performance - Optional Berkeley-alike socket API - DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) - PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) - ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) for Ethernet [Less]

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VHFFS is a virtual hosting platform for free software. Initially developed by, it can be used for shared hosting on several shared servers or for personal hosting on a single computer. It is designed to be used by many users, providing an user-friendly interface to configure web ... [More] based services. A moderation system allows administrators to accept or refuse services. [Less]

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monopd is a dedicated game server daemon for playing Monopoly-like board games. Clients such as GtkAtlantic connect to the server and communicate using short commands and XML messages.

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GtkAtlantic is a game like Monopoly(tm). GtkAtlantic is a network client that works with the monopd server.

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