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MonetDB is a open-source columnar database system for high-performance applications. It comes with a feature rich SQL interface, ready to perform analytical queries on large datasets with an unusual speed.

1.81M lines of code

18 current contributors

about 2 months since last commit

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Gentoo Prefix

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To bring out the virtues of Gentoo Linux on different operating systems, the Gentoo Prefix project develops and maintains a way of installing Gentoo systems in a non-standard location, designated by a "prefix". Usually, Gentoo Linux's package manager (portage) installs in the root of the ... [More] filesystem hierarchy known as /. On systems other than Gentoo Linux, this usually results in problems, due to conflicts of software packages , unless the OS is adapted like Gentoo/FreeBSD. Instead, Gentoo Prefix installs within an offset, known as a prefix, allowing users to install Gentoo in another location in the filesystem hierarchy, hence avoiding conflicts. Next to this offset, Gentoo Prefix runs unprivileged, meaning no root user or rights are required to use it. [Less]

44.8K lines of code

4 current contributors

almost 2 years since last commit

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DNS Parallel Quering library

782 lines of code

1 current contributors

7 months since last commit

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Enhanced C implementation of Carbon relay

7.09K lines of code

5 current contributors

about 2 months since last commit

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