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...not just another Linux distribution  
written about 8 years ago

I've installed Debian servers in all the organizations I was working for, for the past 10 years. Debian is not just like RedHat or SLES. Debian is the only Linux distribution with which I was able to provide four 9 availability (99.99%) on standalone servers (no clusters).

This is not only a Kernel problem, it is also related to the way the packages are maintained. Most of the updates are running moothly without services interruption. Several important migrations have been held other the years with a pretty good success.

The next goal would be to certify the distribution for several hardware (like SANs), to allow the use of Debian in some professional environments (datacenters).

Note that Debian is the only distribution with which HP is making a significant amount of money, providing support and certified material.

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