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OrientDB is a deeply scalable Document-Graph DBMS with the flexibility of the Document databases and the power to manage links of the Graph databases. It can work in schema-less mode, schema-full or a mix of both. Supports advanced features such as ACID Transactions, Fast Indexes, Native and SQL ... [More] queries. It imports and exports documents in JSON. Graphs of hundreads of linked documents can be retrieved all in memory in few milliseconds without executing costly JOIN such as the Relational DBMSs do. OrientDB uses a new indexing algorithm called MVRB-Tree, derived from the Red-Black Tree and from the B+Tree with benefits of both: fast insertion and ultra fast lookup. [Less]

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Roma Meta Framework

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Roma is an Open Source initiative to make Java application development easy. The approach is totally DDD: let's think to the domain of your application and Roma will make the rest: persistence (database), presentation (HTML + Ajax), logging, user management, sessions, workflow, scheduler, etc. ... [More] Roma is a Meta Framework namely a tool that aims to remove dependencies between your application code and frameworks and tools you use. This allows you to change the technology at zero cost without any changes to your application code. Roma is also a MDA implementation since takes its concepts and philosophy but it's totally based on POJOs without to learn other micro languages and complex standards. [Less]

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Cornelius Project Management

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Cornelius is highly customizable web application to manage the common tasks of any company such as project management, task tracking, human resource planning and costs. Written in Java on top of Roma Meta Framework developed under the Romulus consortium. Download and launch it to get starting your company work!

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ICT Romulus

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Tevere Flow

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Tevere Flow is a light-weight Workflow engine built using the Java® technology. Just download it and create your process using the Web interface. Main features: * Open Source Apache 2.0 license * Web User Interface using the Ajax technology * Stand-alone application: just ... [More] download and start it * Fully Transactional supporting any RDBMS or db4o ODBMS * Set of built-in commands available (email, web service invocation, etc.) * Auto-resume of failure activities * User and profile management * Activities can be written in Java or using any supported scripting language such as Javascript and Ruby * Integration via Java APIs or WebService [Less]

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Orient ODBMS

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Orient is a true ODBMS (Object Data Base Management System) written in C++. It can store and retrieve objects to database without any conversion. With Orient you don't write a line of code to persist objects. The application will be much faster and the development process strongly reduced: from 50% ... [More] to 80% less code. Orient supports: - Java using Sun JDO technology - C++ using ODMG 3.0 worldwide standard - SQL-92 subset with extension for objects to query the database - XML using XMLObjects Orient is not supported anymore. Check out "orient db" project instead: [Less]

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