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Katello helps you take control of your software and your systems in an easy-to-use and scalable manner. It offers a modern web user interface that scales from a small setup with 10 systems to a large installation of thousands of systems across various geographies. Katello can pull in content from ... [More] remote repositories, local directories and ISOs. You can then organize that content into repositories that are easily searchable, filtered, manipulated and controlled in a locked-down container called an Environment. [Less]

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Symtags is a collection of simple library and command line programs to easily tag files or directories and to search the tag database. There is possibility to mount tag database using FUSE and browse files using symbolic links on UNIX-like operating systems or to create static symbolic links on the ... [More] file system. Symtags allows users to use "semantic desktop" features with old programs which does not implement latest-and-greatest APIs for semantic desktops. [Less]

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Vide for Vim

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Vide is very simple terminal that waits on DBUS. User is able to send commands (using videx command) to named tabs, like executing compilation scripts, programs or even debug things in the CLI. It works like in your favourite IDE like Eclipse, Netbeans or IntelliJ IDEA.

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