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The LS30 project is open source Burglar Alarm control and monitoring software for the Scientech LS-30 device. The Scientech LS-30 is an advanced wireless Home/Business Alarm Controller with computer interfaces for USB and Ethernet.

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XBee controller daemon

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The XBee Controller project provides software to manage a network of XBee devices. One XBee device performs the role of Network Controller (as always) and this device is in API mode and connected to a computer via USB. Up to 64k XBee end devices may join the network. The daemon component of ... [More] this project connects to the controller XBee and also listens on one or more TCP ports. Any packets and other status information received from the XBee are encoded as a JSON string and forwarded to all connected clients. Any client can send a JSON-encoded 'TransmitPacket' message to send a packet over the XBee network. This allows the use of multiple diverse XBee devices in one network and over a LAN or the internet. [Less]

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