Ranked 3317 of 3919743.
KudoRank 9
Ranked 3317 of 3919743.
Kudos Given
KudoRank 9 Vivia Nikolaidou
KudoRank 9 Gwenole Beauchesne
(for FFmpeg)
“For hardware video codec stuff”
KudoRank 1 Andreas Öman (FFmpeg)
(for FFmpeg)
KudoRank 1 Guillaume Poirier (FFmpeg)
(for FFmpeg)
“For suggesting I take part in Google Summer of Code 2006”
KudoRank 1 Alexander Strange (FFmpeg)
(for FFmpeg)
“For ffmpeg-mt”
KudoRank 1 Benjamin Larsson (FFmpeg)
(for FFmpeg)
“For mentoring me, recommending me for contracts and everything else”
KudoRank 9 Jason Garrett-Glaser
“For all H.264 ninja stuff”
KudoRank 1 Mike Melanson (FFmpeg)
(for FFmpeg)
KudoRank 1 Peter Ross (FFmpeg)
(for FFmpeg)
“For help with MPEG-4 Part 2 and DivX profiles”
KudoRank 1 Alex Converse (FFmpeg)
(for FFmpeg)
“For AAC”
KudoRank 9 Loren Merritt
“For making x264 awesome”
KudoRank 1 Vitor Sessak (FFmpeg)
(for FFmpeg)
KudoRank 1 Justin Ruggles (FFmpeg)
(for FFmpeg)
“For awesome audio codec work”
KudoRank 1 Baptiste Coudurier (FFmpeg)
(for FFmpeg)
“For doing really great work and caring about FFmpeg's image”
KudoRank 1 Måns Rullgård (FFmpeg)
(for FFmpeg)
“For being a ninja”
KudoRank 9 Diego Biurrun
“For caring about clean code and documentation”
KudoRank 9 Edward Hervey
“For humility, amusing irritation, architecting stuff to be intuitive, being frie”
KudoRank 9 David Schleef
(for GStreamer)
“For discussion about deinterlacing and for being the main deinterlacing video te”
KudoRank 9 Tim-Philipp Müller
“For instant gobject/glib API knowledge. :)”
KudoRank 9 Wim Taymans
“For being a wonderfully warm and friendly person, for enduring long discussions ”
KudoRank 9 Sebastian Dröge
“For masses of commits to GStreamer, fixing all sorts of stuff. :)”
KudoRank 9 Alessandro Decina
“For being so helpful, friendly and productive.”
KudoRank 9 Luis de Bethencourt