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Sip Tools is a composite project including several toolkits to enhance JAIN-SIP, Java Media Framework, and similar tools centering on SIP and RTP Media. Iced Java is a Java implementation of RFC 5245 ICE, RFC 5389 STUN and RFC 5766 TURN. The goal of this project is to be as all-encompassing of ... [More] use cases as possible, while imposing a minimal burden on the users of the library to modify their code. RTP Streaming is the most obvious use case, though any P2P Datagram based service is a good candidate for using Iced Java to reduce the programming burden imposed by NATs. [Less]

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Quicktime for Java is officially a deprecated framework, and does not function on 64 bit mac processors, leaving no non-JNI/JNA options to interfacing with Quicktime from Java/JMF. The complexity of creating such a library is prohibitive, especially for entry level java programmers, or for one-off ... [More] projects. The goal of the QTCubed project is to provide both a generic java framework for accessing QTKit (The modern Quicktime API) from Java, provided appropriate code signing, or, for accessing Quicktime through JMF, provided the appropriate permissions are set to allow access to the camera from an applet. This project's goal is essentially to create a Performance Pack for JMF for OS X Leopard and higher based Mac computers. [Less]

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