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Scenic is a free software suite for streaming audio, video and MIDI between live events. It was created at the Society for Arts and Technology (SAT) to give artists a powerful tool for telepresence in live arts contexts and new media installations. . The streaming is done over RTP with the ... [More] GStreamer multimedia framework. Users can also choose low-bandwidth or high-quality codecs, depending on what is available on their system. It offers up to as many audio channels as your audio device supports. Scenic consists in a desktop application and several command-line utilities: * scenic: Desktop application to stream audio, video and MIDI over RTP * milhouse: Streams audio and video over RTP * midistream: Streams MIDI notes and controls over RTP * dc-ctl: Controls connected DC IEEE 1394 cameras [Less]

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A polymetric metronome in GTK+.

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