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GPars (Groovy Parallel Systems) brings a wide variety of high-level concurrency concepts, such as actors, parallel collections, agents, dataflow concurrency and other to Groovy developers. Leveraging the enormous flexibility of the Groovy programming language and building on proven Java ... [More] technologies, we aim to make concurrent programming for multi-core hardware intuitive, robust and enjoyable. [Less]

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A straightforward implementation of the Agent concurrency model for Scala, inspired by agents in Clojure. Essentially, an agent wraps a shared mutable state and hides it behind a message-passing interface. Agents accept messages and process them on behalf of the wrapped state. Typically agents ... [More] accept functions / commands as messages and ensure the submitted commands are executed against the internal agent's state in a thread-safe manner (sequentially). The submitted functions / commands take the internal state as a parameter and their output becomes the new internal state value. The code that is submitted to an agent doesn't need to pay attention to threading or synchronization, the agent will provide such guarantees by itself. [Less]

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Scala Grails Plugin

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This is a Scala plugin for Grails. This plugin allows you to compile Scala sources in the /src/java and /src/scala folders of your grails application.

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