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Bug w/ 'new contributor alias'

There are two contributors to OpenCog called 'Linas Vepstas' -- they're both me. I'd like to alias them together, but cannot, because 'Linas Vepstas' is not listed in the possible aliases list.

That is, I am

but I am also

When I click on "I am this person" on the first URL, I get a pair of pull-down menus, and my name does not appear on the first pull-down .. and so I cannot alias! I presume that this bug occurs because both contributors have exactly the same spelling.

Linas Vepstas almost 8 years ago

Hi Linas,

Sorry about the confusion; we've been meaning to fix this part of our UI for a while and haven't gotten to it.

I fixed up the problem for you. Two things were causing trouble:

  1. you'd aliased linas to 'Linas Vepstat' but you'd claimed the linas contributor in the OpenCog position you'd created (to other readers: only Linas and admins can see this page). I changed it so you'd claimed 'Linas Vepstat', that way the system will be able to merge linas into 'Linas Vepstat'.
  2. the second problem was that Ohloh had given up on analyzing OpenCog due to a network problem we ran into. I fixed this.

There's now a new report and your contributions were merged.

Andy Verprauskus almost 8 years ago

Hi Andy,

Thanks, I guess I'd set up aliases first, then added manager positions, then .. clicking through the various links and setup became very circular after a while, and confusing.

-- linas

Linas Vepstas almost 8 years ago

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