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SVN Enlistment failed


It seems that Ohloh cannot checkout the SVN of EasyBeans:

I've seen the same kind of issues with other Objectweb projects (JOnAS, Orchestra, ...), but from my PC I can checkout the code without issues (using the exact same URL).

Can we do something to help fix that ?

Guillaume Sauthier almost 10 years ago

OW2 JOnAS SVN checkout is OK now, but EasyBeans is still failing. Does anyone know why ?

Guillaume Sauthier almost 10 years ago

I've noticed this going on for a bunch of projects, including Drupal's Contributed Modules:

Rob Loach almost 10 years ago

I don't think I've ever gotten Ghostscript's svn enlistment to work. Always passes the initial validation, then fails in the actual download step. Our svn is relatively old (version 1.1.4) does that make a difference?

Ralph Giles almost 10 years ago

sauthieg: sorry about the delay. Objectweb is a very tough server for Ohloh to reach. We frequently get a lot of connection timeouts with that server. I'll see what we can do to try and overcome the problems, but if you know of a different server/mirror - it would help a lot.

Jason Allen almost 10 years ago

Jason: Thanks for the reply. I will contact Objectweb admin to see if they can do something about that. Just to let you know, we have some similar issues with our Continuous Integration tools that cannot always connect to the SVNs.

Guillaume Sauthier almost 10 years ago

Rob: Thanks for calling out Drupal Contributions. This is a problem we're aware of and we've been working hard behind the scenes to get the download finished. Indeed, we've touched this job over 30 times in the last 2 weeks. The good news is that we're getting pretty close to finishing it the process.

And yes, I agree, we should automate this.

rillian: I'm not sure if the age of your CVS matters but Ohloh does run into a problem with your server. We try to run:

svn log

and it fails. I get the same problem when running this on my development machine. For clarity, I do get a portion of the log and then see:

svn: REPORT request failed on '/ghostscript/!svn/bc/8102/trunk/gs' svn: REPORT of '/ghostscript/!svn/bc/8102/trunk/gs': 200 OK (

Andy Verprauskus almost 10 years ago

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