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After switching our repository from SVN to git, the committers list is wrong


Hi there,

we, ScummVM switched from SVN to git some days ago. We also updated the enlistments on accordingly. This caused the names of contributors to change in many cases (for the old repository, user names were used, now real names are used for most of the commits). Anyway, we already fixed most of that via aliases and other means.

But it seems as if some bad data remains in the system. For example, I see one guy twice: Jordi Vialta Prat appears on page 3 and again on page 12.

Yet both link to the same user profile page, and if I filter the contributor list for "Jordi", only one entry is seen.

So, the list of contributors appears to be in an inconsistent state. Maybe it can be reset or something?

P.S.: A "Preview post" button would be nice, as well as a hint that you are allowed to use markdown ;)

Max Horn about 7 years ago


Max Horn almost 7 years ago


I will refer your post to someone more senior who may be able to assist.

Thanks for your patience!

ssnow-blackduck almost 7 years ago

Max, is this still an issue?

Abhay Mujumdar over 6 years ago

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