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In response to numerous questions about the project update "queue" and how fast Ohloh is updating project reports, we've created a new project update status page.

Because our site is always growing in popularity, and new servers and new code are always coming online, it's difficult to give hard estimates for how long updates will take. This page features a live graph that illustrates our progress on project updates.

This page also describes how updates are scheuled, since the question comes up so often. It's mostly information that has already been covered in the forums, but it's been collected here in one place for posterity.

Robin Luckey over 10 years ago

Could we have a link to the status update page shoved somewhere more prominent? heh

Daniel / Nazca ... over 10 years ago

thx !

Anonymous Coward almost 10 years ago

Very good initiative !

Damien Carol over 9 years ago

Update for git is stuck again -- the page suggests to wait for 24 hours before reporting but I think a month is long enough ;-)

Junio C Hamano over 9 years ago

Hi Junio,

We have an outstanding bug in our git importer that is striking us pretty often. Sorry about the delay - I'll keep an eye out for Git.

Jason Allen over 9 years ago

freedroid could use a complete recount, as the number of C lines is currently negative.
I suppose the code was added as C/C++ and removed as C...

LYRIKpage over 9 years ago

Ooof. Yes, I've scheduled a clean recount for FreeDroid. Let me know if that doesn't clear things up.

Robin Luckey over 9 years ago

We also have problems with our enlistments (i think only once it was able to fetch it correctly without erroring out). Since this is now lasting for a few days i'm going to prod here. ;)

Project name is phpbb

(wouldn't it be nice if a "founder" would be assigned to projects who would be able to see some error message or re-queue [only if there was an error, else it may be abused])

Meik Sievertsen over 9 years ago

Hi Meik,

This report has been broken ever since someone added the documentation directory to the report.

That's because there is some kind of problem in the Subversion repository at revision 139:

$ svn log -r139:139
svn: REPORT request failed on '/svn/documentation/!svn/bc/139/trunk/documentation'
svn: REPORT of '/svn/documentation/!svn/bc/139/trunk/documentation': 200 OK (

Do you know what is causing this problem? Without the log, we cannot create a report.


Robin Luckey over 9 years ago

Ah, thanks for an answer. :) Now, this is what i meant with "error report" because i bet in 99% of cases it is not ohloh but something within the repository.

I will investigate this, maybe something to do with importing the data from CVS. For the time being i removed the enlistment. :)

Thanks again,

Meik Sievertsen over 9 years ago

Hi Meik,

I agree it might be helpful to show error messages to project admins in the case of download errors -- there are a lot of cases where there is a problem with the server.

But 99% is a bit generous :-). I admit we have a lot of problems on our own end, whether through networking hiccups, server problems, or "operator error". Most of these errors are incomprehensible to outsiders.

Also, a lot of download errors are temporary, and we have a rescheduler that automatically retries downloads after progressive timeouts. So in these cases, showing the error messages to a project admin might simply lead to a lot of pointless worry.

However, all that being said, there probably is an opportunity here to display the underlying source control server errors to end users.

Robin Luckey over 9 years ago

Hi Robin,

yeah, maybe the 99% figure was a bit too high. :) But you got the point. :)

Indeed would be nice if errors resulting in no re-queue or "same" errors happening more than twice be shown to end users (you could have an automatic mechanism there).

BTW, we fixed our repo now, seems like the revision was quite broken due to an unexpected character within the log entry. :o

Thanks for your help,

Meik Sievertsen over 9 years ago

Hello all at the Ohloh team,

The project I manage (viennaCMS, project ID 12587), with a SVN repository, hasn't been updated since April of this year.

Is this a problem with my SVN server/repository, or is this something you can easily fix?



NTAuthority over 9 years ago

Hi everybody.

Same here for phpwcms - the last commit listed on ohloh is about a month ago.

Seems there is a bigger problem.

But thanks for your support

slackero over 9 years ago

As far as I can see with my project steam-condenser there's a problem with updating the website, not updating the enlistment itself.
Today I checked the status of the enlistments every hour or so while it was "waiting in queue". Suddenly it said "updated completed 5 hours ago". So the update was already done for a few hours when the page was updated.

Would be great to get some information from the Ohloh staff. On the status page it looks like Ohloh is performing better and better, but we don't see the results. ;)

Sebastian Staudt over 9 years ago

Hi Koractor,

The "5 hours ago" refers to the time we actually pulled the latest changes from the source control. This might be much older than the time when we finally update the website.

After we pull the changes, there are various steps required to parse the source code, stick the results in our database, and generate the final report. This might take several hours.

So the instant the new report becomes available, it might already be several hours out of date -- that's why we display it as "update completed 5 hours ago".

When our system is running quickly and smoothly, this delay is usually only a few minutes. Lately we've had intermittent performance troubles, so the lag is occasionally noticeable -- a few projects have been waiting in the queue for several days.

Robin Luckey over 9 years ago

Ok... thanks for that information.

Seems like I missunderstood the status information. I thought that "Ohloh updated ... ago" meant that the page was updated at this time and not the repository data was fetched then.

Sebastian Staudt over 9 years ago

Thanks for this info. It should answer the reason why some information isn't up to date :]

j over 9 years ago

libssh2 was last updated in august, almost 4 months ago...

Daniel Stenberg almost 9 years ago

@Daniel: libssh2 is now up-to-date

@Everyone: please create a new topic if your project is needs attention rather than post here. Thanks!

Andy Verprauskus almost 9 years ago

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