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Failing to enlist repository for Mauve genome alignment

Hi, I have tried to add the SVN source code repository for the Mauve genome aligner several times in the past few years:

every time it fails at step 1 (the svnsync). I have several other projects, including some from sourceforge that I was able to enlist without any problems. Any ideas or advice on how I can get Mauve into ohloh?

koadman over 4 years ago


I am looking into it but it is being uncooperative. Will report back here once I have some positive news.


ssnow-blackduck over 4 years ago

Hi ssnow-blackduck, it's been two weeks now, any ideas on what might be wrong or how I could help fix it?

koadman about 4 years ago


I've escalated it to upper management and I'll request an update today. Lately we've had a couple of issues and I know their plate is full but I'll see if I can move this one to the front burner.

Thanks for your patience!

ssnow-blackduck about 4 years ago

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