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"No commit data found" in python-babel

Ohloh says about python-babel: "No commit data was found in the analysis from previous 12 months" (Activity / 12 Month Summary)

I think this might be because the number of commits is right now exactly the same as in the 12 months before.

Two minor suggestions for the Activity box: If the number of contributors is the same, Ohloh currently says "Down 0 (0.000%) from previous 12 months". I would like to see something more like "same as in the previous 12 months".

And the 12 months activity time period says "Aug 8 — Aug 8" which is not really helpful if the year is not shown.

Felix Schwarz almost 5 years ago

Hi Felix,

Indeed these are issues. I have submitted a trouble ticket to get this fixed. Thanks for reporting this and thanks for using Ohloh. This should get repaired in the next few weeks when we deploy an upcoming sprint.

-- rms

rsands almost 5 years ago

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