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Incorrect commit count and "anonymous" user in SeqAn SVN

It appears to me that the commit count is incorrect. In Feburary 2011, it reports 1.8k commits.

Also the most current commits were done by "anonymous", according to the statistics.

See here:

How is this possible? Would it be possible to re-run the whole analysis?


I also posted this message in a previous thread but this was ignored:

Manuel Holtgrewe over 5 years ago


I see that the commits for February, 2011 are seen on "Hopefully fixing edge/vertex map resizing." through "The generated sequence forwards should not be versionned." This represents 92-93 pages of commits and each page is 20 entries. Total should be around 1850 entries. ohloh shows it as 1881. I see a great many of the "| (no author) | (no date) | 1 line" type entries than should be there judging by the subversion logs. Looking directly at the subversion logs, the same period covers r8699 through r8857 (total 159 commits) showing the same start and end commit comments. It does look suspicious to me but I wonder if these log entries are generated by some automatic process and I also wonder if these are cleaned out periodically somehow?

In any case, I will re-fetch the single enlistment to see if any major change takes place.


ssnow-blackduck over 5 years ago

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