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SvnSync is broken on BEdita project by bato

stale 2 170 about 7 years ago by bato

Drizzle and launchpad enlistments have failed by Tim Penhey

stale 2 526 about 9 years ago by Tim Penhey

H5P: Analyzed about 2 months ago. based on code collected 7 months ago. by Marc Laporte

0 3 about 6 hours ago by Marc Laporte

Update of Univention Corporate Server fails by Univention

stale 0 141 almost 4 years ago by Univention

FreeBSD not updating by asomers

closed 1 106 over 2 years ago by ramprasath

GRASS GIS project not updated by Markus Neteler

stale 2 307 over 7 years ago by Markus Neteler

Projects not updating by Henri Doreau

stale 4 375 over 6 years ago by ssnow-blackduck

merging SVN usernames? by dartar

stale 1 738 over 12 years ago by Robin Luckey

Add a widget on wikimedia site by eraonel

stale 3 554 over 8 years ago by Sara Ford

QML source code not detected by Jon Nordby

stale 4 611 over 8 years ago by RobertSchultz

Ohloh causes DOS by Bob Friesenhahn

stale 0 410 over 8 years ago by Bob Friesenhahn

FreeBSD Ports - can't submit enlistment by Peter Lemenkov

stale 0 399 almost 9 years ago by Peter Lemenkov

Unable to create projects by walterjwhite

stale 11 911 over 8 years ago by walterjwhite

Project is being rewritten by LoganGorence

stale 0 139 about 4 years ago by LoganGorence

GCC has not been updated for 8 months by Jakub JelĂ­nek

2 51 5 months ago by Paddy