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Release system

As SourceForge recently started to integrate into ohloh (after buying it), it would be great to link active SourceForge projects with ohloh projects. This way, there would be only a central system to manage releases and the code repository would be automatically added.

More ideas could be added to the list, so give your ideas!

xav0989 over 7 years ago

Hi afrovax,

Behind the scenes, we have started experimenting with something very similar to this. Many Ohloh projects are linked to a matching project page on SourceForge or Google Code.

The idea is that if you make an edit on SourceForge or Google Code, we will automatically propagate this edit to Ohloh, so that you only need to edit your project in one place.

When you see edits on Ohloh made by the user named "Uber Data Crawler," that's this feature at work.

We're still in the early stages with this, but it's the direction we are headed. So I agree: this is a good idea :-).

Robin Luckey over 7 years ago

I brought this up as I saw that one of my latest sourceforge project had been added automatically to ohloh, and was seeing some more opportunities to integrate between the two.

Anyways, I am glad to see that some of the idea I had are being implemented as I speak - or write, should I say -. However, I have yet to see the Uber Data Crawler user edits!

xav0989 over 7 years ago

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