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Build A Do It Yourself Website Using Internet Software

This is nice, but most of us who are fairly design illiterate know this much.

What would be useful would be your evaluations of e.g. Drupal vs. Joomla, etc.

I hired a company. They're using their own proprietary templates.

They slopped some crap together for me and said, "OK, now you have a free month to test it out." Well, it isn't even a complete website and the copy is so optimized for S.E.O that it reads like hell and is useless.
So here I am starting from scratch. Think I'll go with Drupal.. but geez open source documentation is by nature of being volunteer work both an exercise in redundancy and contradictory information.

That's why your little article would be of much more service if it was comparative.
'There are many different packages available' is suppose to tell me what??

Mike Storer, Los Angeles

mykstor over 7 years ago

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