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Enlistments : make Ohloh more flexible by Benoit Jacob

stale 2 766 about 8 years ago by Benoit Jacob

Please add "mel" or "melscript" as a language option by Gregg Tavares

stale 0 729 over 7 years ago by Gregg Tavares

Feature requests: "localisation" and "singular they" by ftyers

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Can you change the default new repo to Git? by Marc Laporte

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java project seen as "mostly javascript" by Frédéric 'pepe' Barachant

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Positions on multiple projects by Dannii Willis

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...enlisted in a repository... by Ivan Vučica

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Suggested project feeds by rwmjones

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Bug in dates by Jon Ander Peñalba

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Sourceforge SVN URLs by mgsloan

stale 2 1130 almost 10 years ago by mgsloan

Wrong licence identified by bermi

stale 1 712 about 10 years ago by Robin Luckey

AJAX stuff not working in Opera by Erik Ekman

stale 0 543 almost 9 years ago by Erik Ekman

Ohloh Stats for Project Cacti Out of Date by thewitness

stale 6 842 almost 8 years ago by thewitness

Download / Packages and Releases by Ioan CHIRIAC

stale 1 796 about 7 years ago by Andy Verprauskus

Contributions to OpenWrt by Yegor Yefremov

stale 0 371 over 3 years ago by Yegor Yefremov