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Windows XP Embedded


Not sure if this really comes under open source. But I was wondering if anybody could give me a bit of information about Windows XP Embedded.

I was wondering if it is possible for me to design a system running on this Operating System that will allow me to boot right into the application I have created using C#.NET

I want it so that once the O/S is loaded it goes right into the application and locks out the usual features of XP.

Any changes that need to be made to the O/S settings I will hopefully be able to control from my own application.

In a way the program itself will appear to be the operating system,even though it is really just a program running on Windows XP Embedded, and gives me access then to use any part of windows I see fit.

Again, not sure if this fits in as "Open Source" as I haven't actually started the app creation properly yet.Once I do it will be an open source project for people to use how they like.

danieltharris over 8 years ago

Most open source projects turn to only depend on open source projects/platforms. So if you have to rely on Windows XP Embedded, this project will start with a significant limitation.

I think Linux kernel may be a good alternative. There are other open source OS kernels you can consider.

Windows XP Embedded has its own forums

No matter you do commercial or open source, you can find friends there.

Lex Li over 7 years ago

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