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What are the: Server login and port for Skype in Adium ?

I've download the:
Skype API Plugin for Pidgin/libpurple/Adium by Eion Robb

It is Ok but I don't know what is the server login and port for Skype in the Adium Preferences Account (Skype account Option)

I get the Status of my contacts in Adium, but only if I open Skype because Adium does not connect to the server of Skype. As soon as I close Skype, the status of my Skype contacts closes in Adium.

What or were can I get the login server address and port for Skype so I can add it to the Adium Preferences ?


buz369 over 9 years ago

As far as I Know, Not at all. Skype does only offer an APi to their client, not an API to the server.

In part, because there is no server. Skype is a distributed system somewhat like file sharing. It distributes the connections, load and knowledge between participating nodes. So your client must be running to become part of that network.

I wished they would offer a UI-less process to do the same thing.

Kaj Kandler about 9 years ago

Yeah that would be nice if they would offer UI-less for the same :/
But...i must aggree that it distributes the connection and so on between them.

Raizo about 9 years ago

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