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Help with new project. Need end-users for validation and suggestions

Hi everyone

Myself and two other people are currently developping an open source automatic unit test generator for Java based on a PhD thesis.

The idea is to generate the smallest test set for the highest coverage possible. It will be an Eclipse plugin so that the developer can maintain the development context.

We are currently devising the architecture and we regard adoptability from the end-users as one of the most important aspects of the project and therefore one of the biggest risks to its success.

We would like to gather the largest number of Java developers so that we can get your opinion on what we could include in the tool in order to provide the highest value possible.

Please go to and post reviews with your suggestions: what do you consider would be a good feature for the tool? What are the deal-breakers for you? How do you envision the tool would be like?

If you have any other questions or suggestions that you would like to present or just want to get in touch for other purposes please feel free to email me at

Thanks and please help us! Your input is really invaluable and this is the time to be heard

Pedro Barata

eCrash over 7 years ago

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