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Enable login via openID

Enable login via openID. If there's any demographic that understands openID, it's developers, so you've already got the perfect audience.

Anonymous Coward over 9 years ago

Cart before the horse? Get the forges and source control engines to support OpenID. Then when you contribute to open source and claim it here, it actually means something.

bombguy over 9 years ago

I rather think of it as tool before the engine. OpenID is not something to push top-down into the community. It has to be deployed bottom-up.

Although I am not quite sure what would happen to existing accounts and whether upgrades would be possible I vote for it. This would be nice.

Hagen Möbius over 9 years ago

If you do implement this, consider allowing a user to register multiple OpenIDs to their account, and have it in addition to password auth.

James Henstridge about 9 years ago

Count my vote for OpenID login!

Emilien about 9 years ago

Sourceforge have just moved on this, and seem to have done it pretty comprehensively for their web front-end.

However, you still need a local account and username/password for accessing the version control repositories.

Stuart Yeates about 9 years ago

I recommend to add this as a additional auth method not as default.

Anonymous Coward about 9 years ago

Vote for OpenID.

Peter Lemenkov about 9 years ago

For you guys who want OpenID on ohloh, you can go and vote on the official request page. This will not get OpenID directly in ohloh, but at least we can group to demand OpenID! Cheers!

Emilien over 8 years ago

Just another vote for OpenID. I considered not registering when I saw I couldn't use it.

Joakim Ahnfelt-... over 8 years ago

I'm pretty amazed that Ohloh doesn't support OpenID, since they seem to be otherwise technically proficient.

I have used Ohloh anonymously for a while now, but never considered registering here. I only registered now to be able to register my software project. Now that I've done that, I would consider deleting my account, but that is not even possible. It's the old lock-in strategy again. Maybe it's no wonder they don't support OpenID...

Teddy over 8 years ago

there is no excuse not to have openid anymore!

Thomas Koch over 8 years ago


Could someone from the site's team give some info on this subject, PLEASE?

Piotr Dobrogost about 8 years ago

I bet that Ohloh will come out with a big announcement "We support OpenID!", and it will turn out to be just as an OpenID producer, not a consumer. Which would be a pointless exercise.

It seems a common pattern; many sites wants their site to be the primary site, so everyone implements OpenID identities connected to the site's accounts but not logins to accounts using OpenIDs from other sites. But doing this is selfish, stupid, pointless and ultimately self-defeating, since this makes OpenID itself meaningless.

Maybe I'm just cynical, but we will see.

Teddy about 8 years ago

This should be a sticky topic, by the way :)

Piotr Dobrogost about 8 years ago

Although we have no definite plans to add OpenID support right now, it is something that we would like to do in the fullness of time.

Widespread adoption of OpenID is actually very good for a site like Ohloh, and we've investigated adding the feature before. At this point it comes down to balancing the immediate needs of the keeping Ohloh running versus all the cool things we'd like to add.

@Teddy, speaking for myself personally, I think it's lame when companies use OpenID as a pretense to corner the market on single sign-on. That's contrary to the whole point of OpenID. When it comes, Ohloh will be an OpenID consumer.


Robin Luckey about 8 years ago

@Robin Luckey:

I was pleasantly surprised to see your response, but I hold little hope until I can see it actually implemented.

As it is, if I may play devil's advocate again, you might say that Ohloh is currently worse than OpenID-provider-only sites, since those sites at least acknowledges that other sites exist and are useful. With Ohloh only having Ohloh-specific accounts, it's like they're saying "Thou shalt visit no other sites except Ohloh".

Teddy about 8 years ago


I hope you guys are still looking at this. I've had great experience implementing login with OpenID on an existing webapp of mine; I created a table called "openids" and I'm filling it with account name / openid associations. One account can have multiple OpenIDs.

Using Janrain libraries it should be trivial to create such a simple implementation. Targetting Google and Yahoo! logins is most difficult and is a best stress test for an OpenID implementation.

For a great reference implementation on "how developer sites should solve login", see StackOverflow. Great OpenID implementation is also present at Plaxo.

To me, OpenID provides a great relief from burden of dozens of passwords. It also provides me a single click sign-on, especially with OpenID2.0 and my Google account. (C'mon, it can't get easier than clicking on a big button labeled "Google" and being logged in :) )

Please support OpenID; I've become spoiled by its ease of use lately.

Oh, and thanks guys for all the stuff you're doing on Ohloh! :)

Ivan Vučica almost 8 years ago


thSoft almost 8 years ago


When a site doesn't have OpenID enabled I hesitate for quite a while if I will give it a try. Please enable OpenID =)

Thank you!

elf-pavlik over 7 years ago


Nikolay Raspopov over 7 years ago

We hear you on this enhancement! As Robin said in his reply, adding OpenID support is something we'd like to explore. So I'm re-activating this thread to gather more input from you all on how you'd want OpenID to work on ohloh. We have a few questions:

  • Should OpenID be the only way to log in to ohloh, or should it be an alternative to standard name/password? Which should be the default?
  • How would you want ohloh to handle people who have multiple OpenIDs that they use on different developer sites? How widespread is that case?
  • More generally - how would you like to see ohloh identities map to identities on SCMs and forges and projects?
  • How well do SCMs support OpenID now?
  • How widely is OpenID supported across developer communities now?
  • Are there other broadly adopted standards for identities used by popular projects/forges?

Just making ohloh use OpenID as an alternative to name/password is probably a doable task. Making people's identities across different sites match up, and using that match to improve ohloh's attribution of contributions etc. may be a much bigger task, and the developer ecosystem may not be up to it yet. Do you think that OpenID is adopted widely enough to be the answer? Is this sort of unified ID across developer sites a good idea? Are there privacy implications? Please comment - we're listening!

Rich Sands

Ohloh Team over 6 years ago

“Should OpenID be the only way to log in to ohloh, or should it be an alternative to standard name/password? Which should be the default?”

I would not mind OpenID being the only way to log in. It should definitely be the default.

“How would you want ohloh to handle people who have multiple OpenIDs that they use on different developer sites? How widespread is that case?”

Have the possibility to register multiple OpenIDs and log in with any one of them.

Teddy over 6 years ago

+1 for openid support.

Ken Barber over 6 years ago

Please also consider adding support for WebID which plays well with OpenID

When it comes to identities and linking it with SCM, maybe Webfinger can come helpful with it. I guess all SCM have support for email field, and Webfinger can help to discover if this person have an OpenID or WebID.

I would like to see basic OpenID support ASAP just as an alternative login. And than we can explore other possibilities of identity management technologies.

elf-pavlik over 6 years ago

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