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Allow authentication for accessing Mercurial source repositories

Similar as it is possible for SVN, please allow to enter authentication info (user/password) for accessing Mercurial source repositories. Example: repository can't be accessed without being authenticated.

Andrey Loskutov almost 8 years ago

Hi Andrei,

Yes, we should have this. I've opened a ticket for this feature request.

Just FYI, Ohloh does not keep passwords secret -- we only support public repositories, and we don't try to keep the passwords secure.

But yes, many repositories require passwords even for anonymous read-only access, so we should have this.


Robin Luckey almost 8 years ago

Any news on that? Our JGraLab project also has public access but with anonymous/secret (username/password). This prevents us from adding our current enlistment. Since the old SVN enlistment doesn't receive updates anymore, it looks like the project has stalled which is not true.

The ticket you are speaking about, can we track this or do you have some internal bugtracker?

Tassilo Horn almost 7 years ago

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