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Ohloh 2.0 Sprint 1 Content and Status

Ohloh Community,

We're about 1/2 way through our first agile sprint on fixes and improvements to the Ohloh site since Black Duck acquired Ohloh 2 weeks ago. This is a short, 2-week sprint to get us up to speed on how to operate and make changes to the site, now that we're its owners. We'd like you to know what we're focused on first, and how it is going.

First off - we're going through the forums and pulling out the requests for unsticking stuck enlistments, fixing language and license recognition and counting problems, etc., and if these are easily fixed without a lot of research or coding, we're tackling them straight away. You're seeing the results of this in our forum posts in response to your issues, as we fix them.

Some of these issues will have to wait until the Ohloh site hardware is physically moved into its new home as a part of Black Duck's IT infrastructure. We're planning to move the site to its new location in the next few months. During the actual move, we'll have a backup version of the site available read-only, for a few days. We'll post something a week in advance so you'll know what is happening. We're planning this process in conjunction with a specialist firm in data center moves, and we expect that the site will be read-only for about 48 hours. As we get closer to the move date, watch for more detailed information.

Beyond the immediate fixes and IT move planning, we're looking at the following additional issues for fixing in Sprint 1:

  • JSON API not filtering private fields
  • Adding enlistment yields blank page (areaandvolum project)
  • Allow port numbers in project URLs and links
  • Project has no code detected (qataki project)
  • Contributors whose positions have expired still show as contributors in summary (
  • UI: paging through projects shows duplicate last and first items
  • 50 projects/user hard limit (
  • Documentation bug for API (reported on IRC)
  • Support cvs+ssh (
  • Incorrect license identification: LGPL 2.1 identified as LGPL 3
  • Change sort order of projects in a developer's experience list
  • Add support for lp: syntax in bzr

Issues we're working on for Sprint 1 but that will likely roll over to subsequent sprints:

  • Unique constraint error on people table
  • Visiting commits page results in error (flexible10n project)
  • "I am this person" button yields blank page (
  • Scrapes entire repository every week (
  • Comment ratio analysis incorrect for some projects
  • Negative line counts (NumPY project and others)
  • Support a method for excluding directories in code analysis

Of these, two merit a little additional explanation:

The negative line counts are a symptom of an underlying data model mismatch between Ohloh and distributed SCMs. Ohloh was originally designed before distributed SCMs became common, and has an internal model that matches up to CVS's and SVN's linear commit history. If two branches in a git repository both delete the same large chunk of code, and then those two branches are merged, this data model mismatch can cause negative line counts for the whole project. This same issue is distorting line count statistics for all projects hosted in distributed SCMs, and may also be responsible for the comment ratio analysis bug as well. The fix for this is complex, and may take us awhile to implement.

Support for excluding directories in code analysis is a frequently requested enhancement to Ohloh. This might improve many projects' statistics, as project managers would have a better ability to control how Ohloh looks at things. We're evaluating several possible ways to implement this and will have more info on it in a subsequent post. This is also a complex feature to implement, and will likely run into future sprints.

As of last night, we've made 46 fixes and improvements to the site since Black Duck acquired Ohloh. We're continuing to put time and effort into addressing the most troublesome problems, while fixing the easy stuff right away.

We're committed to being transparent and responsive to your needs - please comment here and elsewhere on the forum as you see issues, have ideas for improvements, or want to comment on future direction.

The Ohloh Team

Ohloh Team over 8 years ago

I really like transparent communication about your development, especially if you also give direct feedback like this [1].

However you mentioned that you go for "Sprints" - these days they usually last two weeks so the first one should be over?

Do you plan to publish a summary of your sprint results?

When do you usually deploy your changes?



Felix Schwarz over 8 years ago


We pushed the changes for sprint 1 live about 2 days ago but it broke new user registration (weird since it didn't break in development or staging) so we had to roll back the changes.

Once we fix that problem and finally roll out the code, we plan on posting a message about what was fixed/changed.

As far as when we usually deploy changes, we don't really have a normal time since this was our first code push.

Also right now the servers are still in Chicago and we do not have direct control over pushing out new code to them.

We will be migrating the servers to Boston in the next couple of weeks. Once that is complete we will have full control of them and we will be able to more freely push code out to them.

RobertSchultz over 8 years ago

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