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Add branches for enlistments


some projects do a lot of commits within branches. This work is not tracked by Ohloh. It would be nice if you could also add certain branches to the enlistments.

I think these branches should not influence the code analysis, just the commits should be attributed to the committers.

This could be done either by adding a new (branch) enlistment with some kind of option "This is just a branch" or more fance specify which branches should be counted as well besides 'trunk'/'master' for every enlistment.

Felix Schwarz over 8 years ago

Very good idea. You have my vote.

Johannes Singler over 8 years ago


The ability to track branches is something that's be written down and recorded in our 'Feature Backlog. No ETA on it may make it into Ohloh.

RobertSchultz over 8 years ago


Marc Laporte about 8 years ago


Hugues Romain almost 8 years ago


Jean-Christophe... almost 8 years ago

+1 if it could help Ohloh team to pay more attention to this issue...

Eldar Abusalimov over 7 years ago


Jeffrey Eric Al... over 7 years ago


Even just the option to only track the 'master' branch would be helpful. I have one project set up to so that visitors to GitHub view the 'releases' branch by default. So good 'ol Ohloh only sees 10 commits (releases) instead of the other 363 commits against the master branch.

mattsimerson over 5 years ago


Perhaps I missed the essentials of this thread. For at least Git you can certainly track a branch of your choice in an enlistment. For Subversion it is done by how you craft the URL. For Mercurial and Bazaar it is similar, I think. Drop me a note here or in the Technical Issue Help forum at and we can discuss getting you the enlistments you need.


ssnow-blackduck over 5 years ago

I went back and looked within the project and found the way to add another branch (and delete the release branch) so that now the number of commits is valid. Thanks for letting me know that existed.

mattsimerson over 5 years ago

Wonderful, what a post it is! Just what I was looking for...

JasonWorley302 over 3 years ago

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