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Code analysis graph should start from first commit, not Jan 00

For a project which has a short history, having the horizontal scale for lines of code/comments/blanks start at Jan 00 is not only pointless, it actually makes potentially significant changes harder to spot since they're all compressed to the right. For example, here's the analysis for one of my projects:

I didn't even create the project until late 2008, so almost 3/4 of the graph is useless dead space. It would be great to have the data scale intelligently.

Quinn Taylor over 6 years ago

Bump and agreed. This doesn't sound hard to do.

FeepingCreature about 6 years ago

Looks like it has been implemented.

Olivier Mengué ... almost 6 years ago

Agreed, that is much better.

The next step is to extend this to "contributions" graphs on user pages. (I can appreciate wanting to use the same scale across multiple projects, but the earliest date for any project would be preferable to a 10-year history regardless.)

Quinn Taylor almost 6 years ago

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