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Support Fossil SCM

At least because of SQLite.

Ebrahim Mohammadi over 7 years ago

The Tcl/tk core platform has also recently migrated from CVS to Fossil. Some other related packages are also following.

Jeff Lawson over 7 years ago

+1 (also for fossil itself!)

Mind you, we've got a temporary bridge in place for the Tcl/Tk core platform via Git.

Donal Fellows over 7 years ago

I'd also like that. I publish most of my projects using fossil, and ohloh makes their pages look very poor, as if had no public VCS at all.

Maybe there could be at least a way to tell "Link to the public VCS", in those cases.

Lluís Batlle i ... over 6 years ago

+1 for fossil support

Bryan Drewery almost 6 years ago

+1 for fossil support as well. All of my projects source code is managed in fossil repositories.

johnfound almost 6 years ago

Another +1. Re @Donal Fellows, how difficult is it to keep fossil and git repos in sync?

Camilo Polymeris almost 6 years ago

+1 for fossil support.

Marc Laporte over 5 years ago

Here is ticket in Fossil tracker:

Marc Laporte over 5 years ago


There is a built-in way to import/export Git:

Does this make it easier/faster to add Fossil support?


M ;-)

Marc Laporte over 5 years ago

Does this make it easier/faster to add Fossil support?

Probably not. It would be very hard to keep the repositories in sync this way.

johnfound over 5 years ago

Does this make it easier/faster to add Fossil support?

While it might be awkward if you were looking to exchange artifacts in both directions (i.e., when doing development) it would be fine enough when just tracking. Indeed, I've seen people doing just that, using a cronjob to regularly pull the changes. Note also that Fossil is stricter than Git about changes; it never deletes artifacts (though can have a “don't tell people about this artifact” artifact entered if necessary) so anyone just pulling will never (modulo crypto hash collisions) have conflicts. Being strictly downstream is easy, and I believe that's all that Ohloh needs.

Donal Fellows over 5 years ago

Is there any hope to see Fossil support here soon or it's simply not on your agenda?

Saša Janiška almost 4 years ago


Somewhere I remember a program that adapts Fossil repositories to be treated as if they were another repository (perhaps git?). Can you remember what that program was? That could help get Fossil support moving... Otherwise it's pretty far below the surface and unlikely to see much attention soon. Also, if you want to investigate, we have our repository management software as open-source at where you can see how our various interfaces are organized and get a better idea what it takes to create a new one.


ssnow-blackduck almost 4 years ago

After several years of handling GIT mirror of my fossil repository (Fresh IDE) only because of Open Hub/Ohloh, I stopped it, because it simply does not worth to support working server only for the very occasional visits of Open Hub bot.

So, if Open Hub wants access to my code (and all these fossil repositories out there), they will have to provide support for Fossil.
If not - well, I don't care at all about Open Hub and their business. :P

johnfound almost 2 years ago

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