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automate enlistment failure fixing

I regularly encounter enlistment failures or inconsistencies. Filing a bug report for each of them doesn't seem scalable or user friendly.

Can't those fixes be automated, by for instance re-adding those failed enlistments (>1 month) in the backend?

You could prioritize those based on the activity of each enlistment. If the commit activity was low anyway, they get a lower priority.

Enlistments with a low commit activity could even have a lower update cycle (like once a month), to focus resources on updating enlistments which are actually in use.

Wim Muskee about 5 years ago


Indeed many of these kinds of automated measures are currently in-place. The problem is, the failure modes get more creative as we discover them. (There are now 139 documented failure modes being monitored and I know that represents many more...) That said, there are the core of some good ideas here and I will ask management to look at your suggestions with a view to adding some input into the planning for future sprints.


ssnow-blackduck about 5 years ago

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