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How do I get a person's no of commits?

Hi Giulio,

Yes, this data is not yet available through the API.

Internally, we have a data structure called a "Position" which joins an account to a project contribution. Positions are created when someone clicks the "I am this person" button on a contributor page.

Positions are not yet exposed through the API. This means you can't get the list of projects contributed to by an account, and so by extension you also can't get the commits associated with an account.

There's no technical reason that this data is not available -- we just had to limit the scope of the API to fit in available development time. It could be added relatively simply, and when we have time to work on the API again it will certainly be added.

Robin Luckey almost 9 years ago

Dear Robin,

Any update on developing this front of the API?


rpremraj over 7 years ago

Anything new on that?

Johann Schmitz about 7 years ago

No, there have been no changes to the API in quite a while.

Robin Luckey about 7 years ago

I'm interested by this feature too, any news on this ?

Cédric Vidal over 6 years ago

Any news now that Ohloh has new owners? This is basically a blocker for my intended application.

Jon Nordby almost 6 years ago

It's interesting~

wowgold over 5 years ago

Any news? :)

Jon Nordby over 5 years ago

Ideally I'd like to be able to get a graph for a person/contributor similar to that off a project. To be able to see how the commits per month developers, number of lines of code contributed in different languages, et.c

Jon Nordby about 5 years ago

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