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Determine projects to which I'm a contributor

I'd like to obtain the raw data behind my contribution summary that I
see when I log in and visit this page:

If I request this (which is not documented in your API docs):

I get a list of the projects that I manage, but not those for which
I'm listed as a contributor.

I tried this:

but it seems to give me a subset of all the contributions from everybody.

Any advice you can provide will be gratefully received,

wez almost 8 years ago

Hi wez,

Unfortunately, Ohloh does not currently provide this data through the XML API.

The presence of the last URL that you list ( actually appears to be a bug in our URL routing -- that URL should not even exist, so I'm not surprised that you are getting invalid data in response. I'm more surprised that it does anything at all :-)

I can create a ticket to add your contributor data to the API, but I must admit that this is unlikely to be implemented soon.


Robin Luckey almost 8 years ago

Thanks for the response, I'll soldier on without that information in the meantime.

wez almost 8 years ago

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