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Ohloh project dataset for academic research purposes

Hi, I saw that giaz asked about 2 months ago whether it is possible to get a download of all projects for research purposes, but there has been no answer.

I was wondering the same thing.


purcell_m about 5 years ago

I will direct your question to the proper people.


ssnow-blackduck about 5 years ago

Hi purcell_m - we don't have a program in place to get a complete dump of all projects. However you can use the API. We do allow qualified research projects to get an increased API limit but we ask that you provide us with some info about your project, and that your research supervisor, a faculty member at your institution, vouch for your project and agree to certain conditions on your use of the API and Ohloh data.

Please write me at info [at] with a description of your research proposal, and I'll respond with some more info for you.

Thanks for your interest!

Rich Sands, Product Manager for Ohloh

rsands about 5 years ago

Hi rsands, please I also would like you to do something regarding what purcell_m posted earlier because I have been wondering too. Well, I hope if the requirements as you said are met there should be assistance anyway. Thanks

simplytpapa about 5 years ago

Thanks Rich, right now still working out details of what I need, but will be in touch.

purcell_m about 5 years ago

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