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Cant Build Ohcount '-Wno-pointer-to-int-cast' Error

Hi i just downloaded Ohcount 3.0 archive i read the readme and installed 'bash, pcre, gcc, ragel and swig' when i type './build' it eventually stops and says:

'Building src/parser.c (will take a while) cc1: error: unrecognized command line option "-Wno-pointer-to-int-cast"'

Does anyone know whats wrong?

uname -r: 2.6.18-93.cc4

/proc/version: Linux version 2.6.18-93.cc4 (darryl@cc4devel.lan) (gcc version 3.4.6 20060404 (Red Hat 3.4.6-9)) #1 SMP Mon Aug 11 20:37:16 EDT 2008


fuzeman over 7 years ago

Hi fuzeman,

It seems you have an old version of gcc. 4.1.2 is the first version that I can confirm has this option.

If you're unable to update your gcc, you might have more luck with the repo available at: It's an incomplete port to an autoconf based build system.

Andy Verprauskus over 7 years ago

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