Someone recently pointed me to another popular service collecting OS software development metrics:

I'd like to hear from Ohloh's maintainers where you guys are planning to position yourselves with respect to this or other potential competitors.

CIA is quite flexible in terms of stats syndication and real-time notification to IRC channels, while it lags behind Ohloh in terms of richness of metrics collected.

dartar about 11 years ago

AFAIK, CIA's entire source code is open and nobody have yet duplicate CIA website. It is pretty popular and a non-profit effort.

I believe the excuse of not being open is finally over?

Kiba about 11 years ago

Greetings Dartar & Kiba,

I saw the site a while ago. It appears to focus on informing people on up-to-the-minute updates to projects - presumably to enable development teams to stay current on recent changes. While that's a great concept that serves a very useful purpose, Ohloh isn't focused on that scenario. We're really focused (as our home page says) on mapping the open source world through metrics.

We came up with the concept of Ohloh simply out of frustration of manually evaluating Open Source projects. After your 20th time of reading the CVS logs and examining the code, you eventually think to yourself "there might be room for some automated tool here..." ;-).

I guess one could argue that there is some feature overlap between Ohloh and (commit counts, for example) - but I honestly don't see ourselves as competitors.

How about you? How do you compare Ohloh to other sites? Is there anything we should focus on that would be more useful to you?

Many thanks for your feedback,


Jason Allen about 11 years ago

Hi Jay,

thanks for your reply. I guess most users would agree that the killer feature we all miss is the ability to syndicate Ohloh's data :) I won't repeat here what is already being discussed in other threads about an API for Ohloh.

Just to give an example of a nice feature provided by CIA which would be welcome in Ohloh: author activity can be syndicated in CIA via feeds, whereas to be able to display author activity in Ohloh, not only one has to actually open the author page, but also to have a Flash-enabled browser.

My 2 cents, maybe other have further ideas to add.

dartar about 11 years ago

Will CIA support Publish-Subscribe in the near feature using XMPP?

entel about 11 years ago

it's all of this real? :| omg! GL

Joaquin Marcher about 11 years ago

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