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What runs this site?

I was currious what software is used to power this site? The forum, wiki user management seem well integrated and I like the look and feel of the site. Since it is dedicated to opensource projects I assume it usses them to power this site?

Dark almost 10 years ago

Further to this, id like to run something like this inhouse for the project we work on. Is the code available under an opensource license somewhere? Specifically the tools that report on the source and contributions.

Chris Cormack almost 10 years ago

i'm interested in this too...

freire almost 10 years ago

Short answer: it's not open source yet.

Longer answer: Yes - I work here and I find it a little ridiculous too. The bottom line is that we here at Ohloh don't make any money doing this yet and we're waiting until we do to release it as open source. We are planning to release some components of our app as open source this fall (the source code analysis parts).

Jason Allen almost 10 years ago

Hey Jason, i think this is a drupal variation or drupal cloned arquitecture. But, wow! Really great the news about yours future plans to open the source. Man, if you tell me now, I believe in you, and i want to help you to translate the interface to portuguese and promote the integration with our site, is a governamental environment internet people network to promote and give to the public softwares and developers a feedback about free and public software, like ohloho. My institucional email is uira.carmo(), please, send me a feedback. We can translate ohloh and promote here in brasil. (sorry my poor english)

Uirá Porã almost 10 years ago

As far as I know, uses Ruby and Rails. This forum is powered by Beast, which is RoR based.

Dietrich Moerman almost 10 years ago

Lol - good point Dietrich.

True on all counts. If you look at Robin's stack, you'll also get a pretty good picture of everything we use to build and run Ohloh.

Jason Allen almost 10 years ago

Since it was suggested in this thread, can you refine on how you plan to make money?

rds almost 10 years ago

hi rds,

I'll start a new thread on this topic within a day or two. I need to address a few things first.

Jason Allen almost 10 years ago

Any news about freeing the code or you still see it as a future plan? ;-)

Jon Ander Peñalba over 9 years ago

We still plan to open up the code, at least for the source control adapters and language parsing. The trouble is we've been incredibly busy lately, and the opening of the code keeps getting delayed. I still hope to see this happen within the next few months.

Robin Luckey over 9 years ago

Two years latter... SF has buy ohloh and the code stay closed.

Are you change the plans?

Uirá Porã over 7 years ago

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