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Can I delete my account?


I would like to delete my ohloh account - is this possible?


Anonymous Coward over 6 years ago

What harms it does to you if you keep it active anyway?

anna10 about 6 years ago

Mike's reasons for wanting to delete his ohloh account are none of our business.

Nicolas Robidoux about 6 years ago


I'm trying to delete my account with no success.
This site does "networking" the wrong way, and its metrics system is flawed. I have been once at 8 Kudos, now I'm considered "simple mortel", this has not been fixed for months now. Even the administrator contacts are very well hidden from public. I feel they try to retain users at any cost, to the limit of legality.
I'm convinced now signing on this site was a bad idea.

Please let me delete my account and all my managed projects.
And... get a real job!

prog almost 6 years ago

Me neither. They managed to hide it from public. Even google is unable to find it! ... I think it simply doesn't exist.

prog almost 6 years ago

You can have your account deleted by sending an email to or from the email address you have registered with on Ohloh.

Abhay Mujumdar over 3 years ago

Account holders may now delete their own accounts. Please visit and scroll to the bottom of the page for the "Delete Account" button.

Please note that deleting your account on Ohloh:

  • This won't change the actual projects you've worked on.
  • Your committer ID goes back into the "unclaimed" pool.
  • Your edits to the site will now be by "Anonymous User"
  • You can rejoin and re-claim committer IDs but not previous edits.
Peter Degen-Por... almost 2 years ago

Yeah, Ofcourse, most of such sites don't allows to deactivate the account and it can be done manually by sending email to the admin.

ameliajohns over 2 years ago

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