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Two scam projects: LuninuX OS and Sn0wL1nuX

I found these two projects (LuninuX OS and Sn0wL1nuX) parasite on other projects by relating to them via tags. There is no source code available and if one visits the homepage and wants to download, he will be asked to send money via paypal first. The licenses are completely bogus and fake and also offending.

I think it would be good to get rid of this scam.

Jakub Jermar over 6 years ago

And there is even spam in this forum from "minutedjhonson1".

rwmjones over 6 years ago

Nice info Jakub, will write about that on my blog.

ssambolic over 6 years ago

hey dufus, its a linux distro and as alway you can download via sourceforge or you can get a usb or dvd copy by mail which you have to pay for via paypal. if you took the time to READ the content in the site you would not start this accusation. if you visit you can download it free of charge.

LuninuX OS over 6 years ago

Thanks for the clarification. This matter confused me some time.

Aliew over 6 years ago

And I thought it was for real, thanx for informing.

samuels about 6 years ago

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