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SilverStripe CMS: SVN history missing, Comparison graph failing

First off I just wanted to congratulate the work that has gone into Ohloh. I discoved Ohloh by attending the OSCON Executive Radar Briefing in Portland a bit over a month ago, and thought it was a great evolution from the normal software project directories that currently exist. So, well done!

I just write in with a request to see if we can work out why Ohloh is sadly treating the SilverStripe CMS project. I'm not sure if there is a nuance with our project, or if there's a bug in Ohloh.

The main project page notes we have nearly 70,000 lines of code, but when you look at the comparison graph, we have 0 lines of code, 0 commits, 0 contributors.

Since I'm a software developer I know the joy of having screenshots to illustrate a bug, so here you go:

See, there IS 68480 lines of code:

So why is this graph flat?

The SVN history shows only the last two months. We have fixed up the history several days ago, but his is yet to be resolved. If you run this at the command line you can verify that certain areas are much older than two months;

svn log | tail

r12143 | nlou | 2006-09-04 15:54:24 +1200 (Mon, 04 Sep 2006) | 2 lines newly added Workshop_Template class

r12142 | nlou | 2006-09-04 11:51:55 +1200 (Mon, 04 Sep 2006) | 2 lines Link() function fixed in GeneticDataAdmin

SigurdMagnusson over 9 years ago

I see that Ohloh has done an update of SVN repository since I posted above, however it hasn't noticed we're much older than 3 months...

SigurdMagnusson over 9 years ago

Hi Sigurd,

Thanks for the detailed report. I'm afraid my answer to your questions are: this is by design, and it will take us a while to fix it.

Our current Subversion importer does not follow history across branches. This is a problem for SilverStripe because on July 19, all of the code in SilverStripe was moved from the /modules/cms/branches/2.0 branch to /open/modules/cms/trunk. Since Ohloh doesn't follow history accross branches, it looks to us as if the project was created on that day.

The flat graph was a bit of a puzzle for me at first. It's not at all obvious on the graph, but we don't display the last two months on the graph. Since SilverStripe only has two months of activity (according to Ohloh), we don't see anything at all.

I can't recall why the graph doesn't show the last two months. I'll ask around the office here and see about fixing that.

I'm confused what you mean by 'fixed up the history several days ago'. Did you use administrative tools to modify the repository after Ohloh did the original download? If that is so, Ohloh would need to do a complete new download. After the initial download, our system only downloads deltas for the time period since the most recent download. If you dug into the repository and added additional historicals, our system will never see that without intervention.

However, from reviewing your log, it simply appears that our parser is losing the trail on July 19 when the code was moved from another branch. This problem affects a lot of projects, and we are working to fix this.


Robin Luckey over 9 years ago

Thanks for looking into this. You're right, we did move the code around. The "changed our history" thing I was talking about was permitting readonly access into the old area of code (.e.g /modules/cms/branches/2.0)

How far away would this be fixed? Thinking out loud, I wonder if we should just add that other branch to Ohloh, or would that misrepresent our project? (e.g. double-counting of lines of code etc)

Would be interesting to learn why the graph doesn't show past 2 months :)

SigurdMagnusson over 9 years ago

It's probably fine to add a second branch if you like. You're right, you'll double-count the lines of code, but I think getting all of the commit history is more important.

However, you might not be able to add the branch. In order to add the branch to Ohloh, it has to still exist today. Because the branch was moved instead of copied, that branch no longer exists in today's tree. I don't think you can technically add it to Ohloh.

The fix is many months away at least. I am currently beta-testing a new Subversion importer which downloads the entire repository, not just a single branch. However, this just solves the download part of the problem. After that, there are a lot of changes required to our database, analysis system, and UI. This is one of the loudest feature requests on Ohloh, and I keep slugging away at it.

Regarding the graph, I think this was by design. At one point we were over a month behind on updates, and the comparison graphs were getting "messed up". I'll post a bug to get it fixed properly.

Robin Luckey over 9 years ago

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