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Making a Simple Calendar on VB 6

I just developed a simple calendar application on VB6. I am thinking it might useful for new VB6 users to get some knowledge and try out new ideas of other real applications.

It will also be useful for students who are required to design their projects and apps on VB6.

Feel free to view my blog for my vb6 simple calendar design and send your comments here.

my blog:

Thanks Pals.

deodusme almost 6 years ago


Please consider adding your project to ohloh. If your project is already on a source code management system (CVS, svn, git, bazaar or Mercurial) you are ready. If not and you plan to upgrade or maintain it anytime, so much the better. There are free hosting solutions all over the web for source code.

Hope to see you join our family of projects on ohloh!

ssnow-blackduck almost 6 years ago

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